DONİPA GIDA is established in 2003 in order to provide servives for HORECA customers with frozen food. During the first years of its establishment, DONİPA GIDA delivered frozen vegetables and fruits manufactured by IŞIK GIDA which was a sister company of DONİPA GIDA back then, to HORECA customers İstanbul wide. In the following years, DONIPA GIDA has worked and still works in tandem with other leader frozen food manufacturers.


DONİPA GIDA is the only company which is able to gather all frozen food groups,provided for its customers, under a single roof. DONIPA GIDA’s main objective is to deliver all its frozen foods to its customers in compliance with proper storage and distribution terms.  Any frozen food, domestic or of foreign origin, which may be involved in this system, is a target product for DONİPA GIDA.


DONİPA GIDA meets the expectations of its sector concerning service,quality and price stability through its skilled staff. 

Donipa Product Catalogue
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Mr. Doni
Mr. Doni...
Mr. Doni comes with all the mushrooms under his roof...
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies...
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies...