• In order to maintain cold chain, frozen foods must be preserved at  -18 C until they are placed in deep freezers and usage processes begin.
  • Once frozen foods are defrosted, they must not be frozen again. 
  • Frozen Foods are frozen via IQF(Individual Quick Frozen)technique.
  • Since IQF technique is a natural method due to its operating technology, there is no need to apply any kind of preservatives to products.
  • Usage at required quantities prevents wastage and unnecessary product use
  • Preserving conditions for frozen foods;
    In refregirator (+ 4 C)= 24 hours
    In freezer(-6 C)= 7 days
    In deep freezer(-18 C)=until date of expiry
Donipa Product Catalogue
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Mr. Doni
Mr. Doni...
Mr. Doni comes with all the mushrooms under his roof...
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies...
Thessaloniki Style Frozen Pastry Pies...